Who can I pay for homework?

Who can I pay for homework?

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Personal Statement – Pay for Homework 

I am extremely bright young professional with a positive attitude in life and presently working as an Equity Trader. The job has exposed to me to the interesting area of Finance and Stock market trading. The experience has given me a broad range of exposure to the financial industry and the interest in the financial activities as well as the associated rewards has yielded me a deeper appreciation for financial markets.  It has made me develop a subtle idea about the tremendous potential of the finance industry in the upcoming times and its ability to yield economic value.

The span of last two years in this job has been a great learning experience as I worked on the stock market data.  I really find this domain very captivating as it requires strong analytical aptitude, mathematical expertise, ease in working with numerical figures and ability to learn fast which I already have. However, the only handicap that I face on this job is the lack of any professional background in the subject of finance and I sincerely believe that if I am able to hone up my basic understanding of the financial intricacies I would become more confident as a professional. Such a course would help me relate better to the financial data and being able to read the financial statements between the lines. This would lead to better comprehension and interpretation of the financial figures as well as give me confidence to make financial analysis and forecasts. A professional insight will also help me examine the financial information with an ethical, legal and environmental perspective whose compliance in today’s business environment cannot be jeopardized.

In the past, I have completed my graduation with Mathematics and Computer Science as the major subject that is not sufficient to do justice in this industry. Since whatever financial knowledge I currently have is due to my two years experience in the current job, I strongly believe that a professional course in Finance from a reputed institution would be the best way to augment my current knowledge set. I am looking for an opportunity to procure specialized subject knowledge from the quality institution that can provide me an environment to develop my competencies.

With the increasing knowledge in the field my appreciation of the industry has also grown and now I intend to carve a special niche for myself in the area of Finance. I would make sure that I use my learning for the development and growth of my personal and professional life along with as an opportunity to yield benefits to everyone around.  I am involved with a service organization that gives me a platform to regularly participate in community initiatives. The exposure that I have gained through the service endeavors help me establish a connection with the societal problems and make me conscious towards finding solutions to these issues that concern a large fragment of society.  I realize that finance has the potential to create win-win situations for everyone though it is not possible for finance people to invent new technologies or create NGOs but they direct resources to support these developments though their financial knowledge and expertise yielding economically and socially positive outcomes. I sense that the finance industry would allow me to reconcile my dual, though seemingly competing, goals of having personal and professional growth as well as social enrichment simultaneously in addition to being an opportunity to work in an exciting and challenging field.

I have been born and brought in a strong family and relationship oriented environment at home which makes me a confident and strong person endowed with hard determination and grit. Whenever I am entrusted with any task I see it till the end and make sure that it is completed accurately and precisely. I love to shoulder responsibilities wherever I can depending upon my qualifications and skills and try to do justice to it with the sincerest of my efforts. I am not exaggerating when I say that my friendly and amicable personality is loved by one and all alike as it is evident in the popular image I have among my social circle. I will prove to be great support to my colleagues with my practical experience and work knowledge in the field of stock market trading. I would contribute positively to the program with my inputs based on self-tailored solutions for profitable trading and by offering an industry-insider’s perspective.

I have come to learn through reliable sources that University of Notre Dame Mendoza has recently introduced Masters Program in Finance and would like to apply for the same. I am sure that the program in this University would yield me the best opportunity to learn the financial intricacies in its inaugural year. I intend to explore the career opportunities of being an investment banker so as to help the investors in trading with securities, managing their financial assets as well as furnishing them financial advice or a money manager in an asset management company in the near future. This would require me to have strong command in the portfolio theory and fixed income investments along with a certification like CFA or running a private hedge fund. The program of Masters in Finance can equip me with the necessary skills to adapt to current challenges and the changing demands of the field with the curriculum focusing on the combination of traditional means of outreach with new media and technology. It can open a plethora of opportunities for me to work both inside and outside the traditional context including diverse environments like online medium.  I sincerely believe that this experience would be the best way to leverage my passion along with accomplishing my long term goals.